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Talent is key

For long business and business development have been seen as matters of money and hardware. They are regarded as manageable by rational and logical models, predictable and quantifiable by accounting professions and their tools only.
But we at HRAfrinvest shed new light on business, business development, and business success.
In our experience, it is the quality and how key people, executives, founders, entrepreneurs fit into the picture that are the most valuable assets by far. They are the real predictors of sustainable business success and represent the developmental dynamics in any undertaking.
We have applied this paradigm shift to our working ethics.
This new reality includes new working methods and points of view on how businesses operate or can operate. As a frontrunner, HRAfrinvest has applied these new insights by developing and investing in people, methods, and tools that are appropriate to find, assess, coach, monitor, and foster those valuable key people. This awakening has a social impact as well. It provides opportunities to the able and willing, empowers teams, stimulates self-determination, inspires others, and creates wealth in many places. The potential is everywhere and especially in Africa, it is overwhelming.
This calls for collaboration, for combining efforts and strengths.
We are looking forward to assisting you in achieving the competitive advantage we all need to succeed.

Frans Claerhout

General managing partner

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Frans Claerhout
Talent is key
Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to build a robust sustainable HR initiative.

  • To help clients identify the best talents and best businesses in Africa.
  • To help them grow on a national level and beyond with the help of the newest HR insights and technology.
  • To advise and collaborate with private and public development initiatives that have the same aims.

Our vision

HRAfrinvest is geared to making European and African economic actors realize and embrace the unrivaled African HR potential, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

We deliver top-of-the-class HR and business support, which is why HRAfrinvest is best placed to scale selected African initiatives up to a world-class level. This creates wealth for all stakeholders and wider communities alike.

Our values and goals

We believe that the development of human capital is key to business success.

We act on that belief by:

  • unleashing the African human potential:
  • by putting the right man/woman in the right place (and by extent taking care of the right fit);
  • leveraging the power of leadership and entrepreneurship to maximize the impact;
  • creating synergies with private and public development initiatives that have the same aims;
  • embracing diversity and developing intercultural sensitivity in a global society.

We believe that inclusiveness is a matter of fairness and a warranty for sustainability.

Our long term goals:

  • More and better jobs in Africa with a brighter future and more wealth as a result
  • Financial profit & social impact
  • Self-determination for all

Our team

European team - located in Belgium

Frans Claerhout

Frans Claerhout

General managing partner

Marc Van Beethoven

Marc Van Beethoven

Mgr international projects Executive search

Thomas Tielemans

Thomas Tielemans

African desk - HR

Eline Vanbiervliet

Eline Vanbiervliet

African Desk - HR

Trusted partners

Because we want to offer our clients an integral service, we are working together with organizations that offer complementary advice and expertise.
Meet our loyal partners:

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Academic partners

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