Unprecedented opportunities

Invest in Africa

Africa offers unprecedented opportunities for carefully selected investments. The quality of the African entrepreneur is key with regard to choosing the best opportunities.

When advising start-ups we keep the option open to partake in their business and participate in the risk.

We are specifically keen on investing in HR-related businesses and businesses where human talent is the key driver.

Cooperation between European experience and capital, and ingenious African talent and resources offers a unique leverage and acceleration factor.

Looking for funding?

We (co-)invest in young promising businesses lead by exceptional people all over Africa.

We focus on:

  • African starters and fast-growing companies in the HR field, with a technological or market potential/lead.
  • Businesses where human talent is the key driver.
  • Exceptional start-up teams in any industry.
  • African operations of European companies we have brought to the table. 

We welcome talented start-ups and fast-growing companies. Contact us and introduce yourself and your team.

Investors welcome

When you feel Africa is the place to invest and when you believe talent is the surest way to predict business success, let’s talk / meet.

Let’s identify and chart the quality of the key people together. High quality and the right fit are the best guarantees for an investor’s business success.

We at HRAFRINVEST have an investee pipeline at our disposal thanks to our business and academic network.

Investors welcome